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    Does your website use cookies?

    If you use Google Analytics, the answer is yes!

    So what is the cookie law? Why should I be concerned about the EU privacy law?

    On 26th May 2012 a new EU law (commonly known as the EU cookie law) came into force, designed to protect consumers’ privacy and requiring website owners to take more responsibility for the visitor’s privacy.

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    How many people allowed cookies?
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  • Have multiple websites and extra tags.

    • Have all your websites in one easy to use interface.
    • Have more than one tag using cookies? Add as many as you need!
    • See current status of all tags simultaneously.
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    • Write cookies by default?

    • Enable auto-hide on the prompt?

    • How long should the prompt be visible for?

    • Choose over 60 extensions that your site responds to!

    • Easily grab your tag if you lose it!

If your website uses cookies, you are affected by this law and need to actively inform your visitors.

Failure to comply can result in an enforcement notice from the ICO.

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