Information on cookies for websites

What are cookies?

Cookies are small bits of text that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Your browser sends these cookies back to the website every time you visit the site again, so it can recognise you and can then tailor what you see on the screen.

How are cookies used on websites?

The information supplied by the cookies helps in understanding how visitors are using websites so that the manner in which content is displayed can be improved.

Cookies enable websites to identify who you are if you have logged in. Cookies are used to enable better site functionality and/or to provide certain basic features. The use of cookies allow a website to improve in areas of performance and so a better user experience and service can be provided.

We do not sell information collected by the cookies, nor do we disclose the information to third parties, except where required by law (for example to law enforcement agencies).

Cookies cannot harm or scan your computer for private information that may be stored on your hard drive, cookies can only consist of information you have entered into a site.

Cookies may also be used to prevent fraudulent activites and therefore improving security, the cookies used may also enable you to enter your password less frequently during your browsing session. Furthermore, cookies may also allow information to be provided that are targetting your interests and needs resulting in adverts and/or content directed at you.

What are my options?

Extra responsibility has been taken by websites over the control that you get for your cookies as CookiePrompt allows cookies to be permitted/unpermitted on a site by site basis, rather than telling you to turn cookies off in your browser.

Alternatively, you can configure your browser to accept or reject certain cookies or to inform you each time a cookie is saved, however this may affect your site experience.

Further information

The information commissioners office
websites has created its cookie policy based on the guidance presented in the link below...